Welcome to thebelflowers.com, home of Dev and Kristen Belflower. We're excited to have our own website, where we can share what's going on with family and friends. Hope you like it!


August 28, 2009
Birthdays are coming up!  Thomas is almost two, and Mae is almost one!  Thomas continues to talk continuously, and Mae is crawling everywhere.  They don't know what to do without each other and are playing together more everyday.  We've had a great time this summer and hate for it to end!  We are not ready for cold weather.  But fall will bring new adventures for sure.  Enjoy the new pictures!

April 21, 2009
Spring is here!  Thank goodness - we wouldn’t have survived another month inside.  Thomas and Mae are starting to interact a lot.  Thomas is talking up a storm.  He’s keeping us busy - I hear 18 months is the new two!  Mae is getting much more active and loves having people around.  Life is starting to move too quickly.  Where have the months gone?

January 24, 2009
We’re finally settling down!  The holidays were great, and we loved being with family.  January and Mae hitting three months has brought us a little more of a routine, which has been wonderful.  Thomas keeps us laughing with his dancing and new words.  And Mae’s silly grin brightens up the house!  Daisy has finally taken Thomas on as a playmate.  And Dev and Kristen are having a blast!  Thanks for dropping by!

October 29, 2008
Our family has grown again!  Mae Grace Belflower has arrived!  She was a little late - just a typical girl, I guess - but defintely made her impact by upsizing even her brother when he was born.  She is such a blessing though and we are so happy.  We’re all adjusting well.  And Thomas’s and Mae’s new cousin was born less than a week later - Gibson Thomas New.  New pictures are up and more to come, I’m sure!

September 30, 2008
Well, Thomas is a year old!  We have had so much fun these last couple of months.  Summer was great with pool time, lake time, and just being outside.  And now fall is proving to be even nicer outside.  We are ready for Thomas’s little sister to arrive anytime!  Hopefully we’ll have news soon.  What a great year this has been!

June 28, 2008
So much fun!  Thomas is at such a great age.  We are having a blast being outside and doing summer things.  We are able to go a lot more places and stay pretty busy.  We did find out that Thomas is getting a little sister in October, so we are super excited about that.  New pictures are up, so enjoy those.  Thanks for dropping by!

April 20, 2008
So I haven’t been very good at updating, but I have a good excuse!  We recently found out that we’re expecting!  Yep, sometime in early October Thomas will become a big brother!  We are really excited.  As for Thomas, he is doing great!  Rolling over, babbling, and sitting up, he is growing like crazy.  We have a great time.  He is a wonderful baby and has such a fun personality.  Okay, I’ll stop bragging and go work on getting some pictures up...

November 30, 2007
Everyone said time would fly watching Thomas grow up, but I didn’t believe them - until now!  He is totally recovered from his surgery and doing great.  He has definitely found his voice and yells all the time - happy yells, but they are quite loud as anyone that has talked to us on the phone knows.  He continues to be happy, and we are, too.  Today we actually went to court to finalize his adoption!  We still have to wait a couple more weeks before the order can be filed, but it’s one more step in finishing this process.  We have so much to be thankful for during this season.  Lots of new pictures, so check them out.

October 23, 2007
Time is just flying by! Thomas is doing great - even though he had a brief stay in the hospital to have a small surgery. Thanks to the surgery though, we are enjoying not living with beach towels over us every time we hold him, and we are at normal baby spit-up level. Modern medicine is great! Thomas has lost his newborn look and is a full-fledged infant. He smiles and talks like crazy. We’re having a blast!

September 23, 2007
Quick update - Dev has passed his PE; we’ve been working a lot on the house; Kristen is back at Wade Hampton part-time; and we have a little boy! Thomas Devoe Belflower, IV was born in September here in Greenville, and we were able to bring him home from the hospital! We are in the process of finalizing his adoption - hopefully by the end of the year. It has been a crazy couple of weeks, but we are so excited to have our little boy home with us. Check out the pictures in the photo gallery! We’re all adjusting well.

May 12, 2006
We have a "New" niece (and, no, that joke apparently does not get old!). Matt and Lindsey are the proud parents of Avery Reagan, born Friday, May 12th at 5:28pm. She weighed 7 lbs. 3 oz. and was just over 19 inches long. She and mom (and dad) are doing well - a little tired, but very happy! We are so excited! Pictures are on our site or check theirs out to see Avery’s logo and merchanidise courtesy of Matt New Design, of course!

April 17, 2006
Still super busy around here! Dev is finally home! Kristen is not letting him out of her sight and is requiring lots of housework and yardwork to make up for his absence. Renovations on the house are going full steam ahead. Currently the former guest bathroom is just studs with some sheetrock, but it’s coming! Appliances and countertops are in in the kitchen. We painted the living room and the desk came for in there. The highlight has been the entertainment center Kristen’s dad made. Beautiful! Check out pictures to see what’s new! As for the family - Tess turned 1 on April 1st and Lindsey’s "New" arrival will be here within a couple of weeks!

March 1, 2006
February was full of events at the Belflower household. The 5th and 6th grade girls basketball team that Dev and Lans coach went undefeated in their Upwards season! What a great time! Kristen went with her family to Brasstown Valley to celebrate her grandmother’s 80th birthday. It was a great time with family playing cards, eating lots, watching the Olympics, and exploring the grounds (very thoroughly!). Dev could not go as he is having to travel for a few weeks - 6 to be exact! Not fun, for sure, but Kristen has tons of people taking care of her and inviting her over for dinner!   

January 30, 2006
So much happening! First, what’s going on with the house. We’ve ordered new appliances and countertops for the kitchen, a new desk and gotten paint for the living room/office, and Dad’s building an entertainment center for the den. Now it’s just wait until everything comes! Daisy’s fence was finally completed. She loves her big yard and has decided no squirrels allowed! Second, Dev got a new job! He starts today! Although he has loved working at Lockheed, the move to this company (KTM Solutions) seems to be a great opportunity. It’s a small start-up company with some "fun" work and closer to our house. Lots of exciting things going on here!

January 21, 2006
We had our first big "party" today with Dev’s family celebrating a late Christmas. Aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents got to see the new house, which was exciting for us. Dev was able to show off the new electronic showroom of the den - including surround sound, new tv, and the Xbox 360 - you know, the necessities.

December 22, 2005
Content is getting updated! Kristen is learning about all this website stuff. She hasn’t had much time lately because we just moved! Don’t worry, it’s only about two miles from our old house, but we’re excited to be in the new house and are working to get things fixed up just like we want them. Let us know if you want to come unpack a box!

December 18, 2005
Our new website is active! Matt New has designed it, and we’re ready to go. Check out the pictures we already have in the photo gallery.