About Us
We met at Clemson University in 1996, Kristen’s freshman year and Dev’s (first) senior year. Throughout the next two years, we became great friends, going to basketball games, camping out for tickets, and going to FCA. We started dating right before Dev graduated (how convenient!) in 1998. After two years of commute-dating, we got married in July of 2000. We now live in Greer, South Carolina, close to Clemson and right in between our parents. In 2002, we added to our family - Daisy, our beagle, is queen of the house. In 2007, we were blessed with the addition of a little boy - Thomas. And in 2008, Mae was born to make us parents of two!  We are members of Brushy Creek Baptist Church, where we have met some great friends.

About Dev
Dev is from Lake City, South Carolina, near the beach where he worked at Garden City Chapel during the summers of his college years. He graduated from Clemson with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. After working for two years in Lake City at a plastics manufacturing company (Nan Ya), he came to Greenville to work for Lockheed Martin. After a few years there, he made the move to KTM Solutions, another aerospace design company, where he currently works. He is also now a PE - Professional Engineer!  Dev’s two sisters also live in the area, and we have fun family time often!

About Kristen
Kristen is from Lilburn, Georgia, outside of Atlanta. She graduated from Clemson with a Mathematical Sciences degree and a minor in Education. She taught math for almost seven years at Wade Hampton High School in Greenville, where she sponsored Student Council among other things. Now she stays at home with Thomas and Mae and works for the church part-time, coordinating their Wednesday night program, The Greenhouse .



Dev’s sister Lindsey and her husband Matt. They live in Greenville, SC and have a little girl named Avery. To see thousands more pictures of Thomas and the rest of the family, check out this site!

Dev’s sister Leigh Allison and her husband Matt. They live in Greenville, SC and have a daughter, Tess.

Our brother-in-law’s website for his company, Matt New Design. He does graphics design and websites (including this one).